Elisity Cognitive Trust

Cognitive Trust™

Cloud-based control for secure corporate networking that unleashes the power of your Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches  Solution Brief (7 pages, PDF)

Cognitive Trust is Elisity’s cloud-native and cloud-delivered solution for identity-based segmentation of users, applications, and devices, whether managed or unmanaged, on-prem and in the cloud, that leverages your investment in Cisco Catalyst 9000
series switches by turning them into intelligent policy enforcement points.

By integrating with your user identity and device telemetry providers, the solution enables your organization to quickly gain
visibility into network assets and traffic flows, and begin building policies to protect the most critical enterprise assets from malicious lateral network traffic.

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Extending the Elisity Cognitive Trust platform to Cisco Catalyst 9000 and 3850 series switches.

Elisity Micro Edge

Elisity Micro Edge extends the capabilities of the Cognitive Trust platform to enforce policies as close to the assets as possible. Deployed as a container on Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches, and as a VM on a hypervisor to support other platforms such as the Cisco Catalyst 3850, Elisity Micro Edge enables identity-based segmentation and policies on those switches, turning them into software-defined perimeter gateways in addition to enabling transactional segmentation.