Elisity Cognitive Trust

Elisity® Cognitive Trust™

An intelligent approach to network segmentation without the complexity, the expensive additional hardware, and the lengthy deployment time.

Cognitive Trust is a cloud-native and cloud-delivered solution for identity-based microsegmentation and least privilege access of users, applications, and devices (managed and unmanaged), on-prem and in the cloud.

  • Visibility to reduce the attack surface
  • Control and contain breaches
  • Flexibility and simplicity to reduce OpEx
  • Simplicity to adopt Zero Trust faster

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VIDEO: Introduction to Elisity Cognitive Trust, Before the Demo.

Simplicity and fast speed-to-value!

The solution architecture can leverage pre-existing investments in Cisco, Dell, Extreme, and other vendor switches, by turning them into intelligent policy enforcement points with the use of containers, and makes use of hypervisors where edge computing is not available.
Cognitive Trust passively gleans, and continuously verifies, the identity of devices, users, and applications traversing the network, to enforce policies as close to the assets as possible. It integrates with user, application, and device identity sources so organizations can very quickly gain visibility into network assets and traffic flows, assess risks, and begin building policies, enforced at OSI L2/ L3/L4, to secure resources from malicious network traffic.