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Elisity Identity-based Microsegmentation

How to implement identity-based segmentation using your existing access switching infrastructure.
Technical Whitepaper (10 pages, PDF)


  • From Implicit Trust to Zero Trust in Days Instead of Years
  • Simplicity and Agility: Fast Speed-to-Value
  • Capabilities and Benefits
  • Frictionless and Agile Architecture
  • Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches as Intelligent Policy Enforcement Points
  • Cisco Catalyst 3650 and 3850 Switches as Intelligent Policy Enforcement Points
  • Elisity Micro Edge Deployment on your Catalyst 9000 with 4 simple steps
  • Building your Elisity Software-Defined Perimeter is Even Simpler
  • Elisity Dynamic Device Discovery and Network Visibility
  • Request a Proof-of-Concept


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VIDEO: Extending the Elisity Cognitive Trust platform to Cisco Catalyst 9000 series and 3650/3850 switches.

Elisity Micro Edge

Elisity Micro Edge extends the capabilities of the Cognitive Trust platform to enforce policies as close to the assets as possible. Deployed as a container on Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches, and as a VM on a hypervisor to support other platforms such as the Cisco Catalyst 3650 and 3850, Elisity Micro Edge enables identity-based segmentation and policies on those switches, turning them into software-defined perimeter gateways in addition to enabling transactional segmentation.