Elisity Cognitive Trust

Beyond SASE

Security Architectures for a Post-Pandemic Environment

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Overcoming the Security and Networking Blind Spots of the Secure Access Service Edge Model for East/West traffic, ZTNA, and SDP

SASE has seen an accelerated adoption during the pandemic, especially in the mid-market, to solve pressing challenges to secure the remote workforce’s access to enterprise resources. Yet the urgency to address the sudden growth of the attack surface with a SASE architecture may have forced organizations to disregard its gaps and limitations that are coming into light in a post-pandemic environment. A hybrid workforce, the “great resignation”, on-prem IoT sprawl, increased overlapping of IT networks with Operational Technology, and the migration of applications to the cloud, are revealing the blind spots of SASE that prevent the adoption of a ubiquitous, high-performing, and simple Zero Trust strategy across the organization.

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Join Scott Raynovich, Founder and Principal Analyst of Futuriom Research, and James Winebrenner, CEO of Elisity, in a conversation about blind spots and alternatives to SASE for the post-pandemic. Scott and James will present the findings of Futuriom’s most recent report, “Cloud Edge Security and SASE Trends”, and discuss virtual overlay networks as an alternative to SASE.


  • Key Report Findings and Insights
  • 2022 Outlook for Cloud Edge Security and SASE
  • Blind Spots of SASE
  • Beyond SASE: Zero Trust Solution Architectures
  • What is Cognitive Trust
  • Q&A