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Gartner Research

The 6 Principles of Successful Network Segmentation Strategies

Enterprises continue to struggle with the challenges of network segmentation. This research covers critical principles which security and risk management leaders must apply in a hybrid and multicloud world.

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This research outlines six of the most important aspects of successful network segmentation projects. Unfortunately, many of the first interactions Gartner analysts have on the topic arise because of a critical implementation issue:
  • "We failed an audit"
  • "The Project is stalled"
  • "We are still at the drawing board after six months"
  • "The selected technology simply does not work"
  • or the shortsighted selection of a supposed "miracle" tool 
A tool should be selected closer to the end of a project, not at the beginning, and security and risk management leaders will need to revisit each of the principles multiple times during the project. This research summarizes the most important insights gathered through hundreds of network segmentation inquiries.

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